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Hey there, lovely radicals… podcast time!

This week on the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, it’s time to call out the inner Gremlin voice and all its rules that it is constantly making up for us.
Most of you might be familiar with those thoughts; the ones that tell us we have to be “on” all the time, that we “better pull ourselves together”, that we have “to soldier on, no matter what”, that we have “to power through”, that it’s our “duty to be productive”, that we need “o prove our worth”, that it’s our job to always “be the responsible one”, and that we – heaven forbid! – can never (ever!) be perceived as “a slacker”…
Sound familiar?
Now… wait a minute.
Whose thoughts are these?
No way!
These are inner Gremlin thoughts.

They are NOT truth.

And in order for us to keep our sanity, and to take responsibility for ourselves and our wellbeing, we need to talk back to those Gremlin thoughts.
We have to learn to let those Gremlin thoughts be just what they are: Thoughts.
Not something we have to act upon.

Because we are of no use to the world when we are burnt out, when we are running on empty, and when we are secretly breeding resentment left and right, because we aren’t listening to our needs, and not creating healthy boundaries.

Also in this shortie:
– Why the myth of „we should be happy all the time“ is detrimental to our wellbeing
– What the myth of „we should be productive at all times“ does to our mental and physical health – Why „I’m Fine!“ is one of the most common lies
– Why we take on false identities (“The Fit one”, “The Healthy Eater”, “The Perfect Mom”, “The Not-Ever-Complainer”, “The Productive One”, “The Happy, Smiley One” etc…) and how these false identities end up shackling and constricting us
– Why it’s an act of bravery and the only path to true liberation to step up from behind our masks and reclaim our truth, our own personal values, our purpose, and to let go of old identities that might once have served us
– Why we will only find „our people“ when we start showing up „real and authentic“ ourselves…

… And so much more!

Time for some permission slips!
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