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LU 033: Hilary Kinavey – How to be truly nourished and trust your own body.

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Hello, sweet radicals!

In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I get to talk to Hilary Kinavey from Portland, Oregon.

Hilary is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in disordered eating, trauma, anxiety, depression and addictions. She works in partnership with clients to develop a deeper understanding of their personal challenges, inner wisdom and their personal story. As a counselor, she places an emphasis on developing insight, mindfulness, and empathy for oneself. In 2005, she and Dana Sturtevant started facilitating groups to help women let go of food and weight obsession, and – sharing the same ideas – they then merged their practices to create a revolutionary approach to re-establish the “Body Trust” that we all had when we were born. They founded “Be Nourished”, a partnership that is based on the passion to help people lose the weight of body shame and to create the change they seek from a deeper place. They offer programs, workshops, retreats, and e-courses to help cultivate body trust, as well as counseling, yoga and naturopathic care to complement long-term body acceptance and the benefits of being physically and psychologically nourished. In addition to counseling, coaching, and facilitating, Hilary is a popular speaker on topics such as Health At Every Size, Intuitive Eating and Body Respect in health care communities, and she is a regular contributor to the Huffington post.
You’ll hear Hilary talk about:
– How her mother’s dieting made her focus on her own body
– How she came to believe that her body was not ok
– What she learned about what it meant to be “a successful woman”
– Why so many people still aren’t aware of how harmful diets can be
– What most of us are trying to achieve when we start weight-obsessing
– Why her parents’ feminism helped her a lot, even though dieting wasn’t being questioned yet back then
– How she learned about social justice issues from her parents
– Why people’s struggles with food and weight are often not addressed in counseling
– Why, sadly, women are lead from focusing on their own heart’s desires towards being stuck focusing solely on their desirability
– What it was that made the pieces fall together for her on her journey to self-acceptance
– What her first reaction was after she figured out what it is that keeps women from living their fullest expression and following their true desires
– What 5 steps we can all take to get rid of body-loathing
– How Intuitive Eating connected her with her own body
– Why Intuitive Eating and enjoying food freely leads to a feeling of empowerment
– How her whole life changed when she started trusting herself, her body and food
– How she breaks through the diet-mentality barriers of her clients
– What this body image work is really about, at the core
– How she helps her clients get over their resistance to feel emotions
– What her (and Dana Sturtevant’s) work at “Be Nourished” is all about
– How body respect is the first and easiest step towards body trust
– How to learn what diet-culture has robbed of us, and how that can help us grow
– Why it’s not about “not ever having a bad body day” again
– How “Be Nourished” helps health care providers get rid of weight-bias…

… And so much more!

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