Ladies and Gents.

It took me A LOOOONG time to realize that the point of life isn’t to do it all alone.
To keep everything to oneself.
To not trust people.
To never be needy.
Nope. I was wrong about that one.
The point is to find your tribe, people who’re there to support you, lift you up when you’re down, make you smile, hold your hand when the misery cloud is hanging around in the living room.
And… Yes. That’s EXACTLY what I’m offering you!

We’re a fast-growing tribe of the most compassionate and nonjudgmental people who are sharing stories and worries, exchanging great ideas and amazing support.
I love that we’re growing and learning together, and I’m thrilled to get to know group members from all over the world!
Be prepared for some badass ladies who make your own rocky journey home to yourself a LOT easier.
We’re all in this together, and also – you know– it’s best to travel in packs.



Yep. It’s as fuzzy as it sounds… & hey, holding hands can make all the difference.
This is some of the feedback I get from you:

“I’m so glad I finally found likeminded people, great, great group!” (Illenia from Switzerland)
“I can’t believe it…! Finally some sane folks, I love it.” (Reena from the US)
“Thank you, I love being part of this.” (Alexandra from the UK)