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Hello there, lovely radicals…

Time to unwind!
Here’s my first bonus episode of “Life. Unrestricted.” for you: A guided meditation of 25 minutes.
Take this time for yourself and allow yourself to find some peace in the midst of the craziness of daily life. Your body and mind will thank you for it.
Enjoy this guided meditation to tame our monkey mind, and to drop into a state of awake presence and full awareness of THIS moment—all we ever have.

If you experience your mind wandering off into thoughts and worries, expectations or judgments, just remember that this is normal and it happens to everybody.
Just notice that “thinking” is happening, acknowledge the thoughts, and let them go. Over and over again.
As if they were clouds passing by.
Don’t attach any meaning to them, don’t hold on to them, just return to the present moment, and focus on the sensation of your breath as it enters your nose and fills your chest, your lungs and your belly.
It’s all about noticing and returning back to the present moment, without judging yourself. That is what mindfulness and meditation basically is.

Now Let us slow down for 25 minutes, as we experience … the NOW.
The aliveness of your body, the state of non-doing… and the wonderfulness of just “being”.

This is my first guided meditation, so I hope I manage to bring some stillness into your life as we travel through the body together.

More is to come; as soon as I can make the time, I will play with it and try different lengths and different styles.

With love, M.
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