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That’s it! Here it is: The Life. Unrestricted. Podcast!

The show that might just make you feel better about yourself, your body and your worth beyond your jeans size. So before you start the next diet to „finally lose that weight“, stop right there and listen in.
Let me ask you: When is enough enough?
Aren’t you tired of hating your body, tired of counting calories, tired of making your scale decide whether you get to feel good today or (more likely) not?
Aren’t you tired of feeling guilty for eating what you like, tired of exercising obsessively to get rid of that guilt?
Aren’t yo tired of the negative self-talk-chatter in your head?
Aren’t we all?

Welcome home.
Welcome to the Life. Unrestricted. Podcast.
Let me take you on a different journey.

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As I recover from excess dieting, disordered eating, from exercise addiction, and – generally – an awful body image, I want to share what I learn, share my struggles and, most of all, I want to bring you the very best experts and the most inspiring guests who share their insights on Health At Every Size (HAES), read: How to approach real health and get to that place where we can live a life free of food fears, body shame and obsessive dieting.
We will learn how to break that vicious diet-binge cycle, how to make piece with our body and how to stop diet-mentality rule us. In this very first episode, I will share with you:

– Why I am so passionate to educate people about the harm the diet-industry does to us
– How, for all my life, I was believing in very harmful messages of a weight-obsessed world
– Why I let my life become smaller than a prison cell – Why podcasts basically saved my life
– Why I am crazy enough to create a podcast in a language that is not my own
– How studying with Brené Brown made me believe in myself enough to DO THIS
– Why I believe we can combat our shame if we share our stories
– What I think it is that we need to get rid of if we want to succeed in living truly healthy and at peace with our body, no matter what its current size is
– Why I am a big proponent about Health At Every Size (HAES)
– Why Health At Every Size (HAES) is about anything BUT „promoting obesity“
– What I believe it takes to truly appreciate and celebrate the body-diversity out there
– Why I believe we all need some loving support on this difficult journey toward a life that is not ruled by dieting, food fears and exercise compulsions
– Why and when I find myself still falling back into my own diet-mentality-possessed brain and how I need just as much support as anyone…
… And so much more!

Let’s start this journey toward body positivity, acceptance of diversity and a more balanced approach to health; goodbye to body negativity, fat-phobia, disordered eating and a compulsive relationship to exercise. Confidence is an inside job and it’s high time we bust the myth that weight should dictate our worth. Let’s start this journey to loving our bodies from a Health At Every Size perspective and let’s nourish our body, mind and soul without going crazy.

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1 Comment on LU 001: Me, solo – How Brené Brown helped me kickstart this show.

  1. Karen
    2016-07-02 at 1:36 AM (6 years ago)

    Meret, you are a beautiful voice in a this crazy diet-obsessed world.. I know that we typically say ‘culture,’ but as you prove by recording this, it’s truly an ‘world-wide’ problem. I am SO glad that you chose to record your podcast in English, so that your unique perspective could finally be heard! The idea that ‘your critics’ showing up means that you are on the right path really resonated with me. How long do we wait before we are ‘happy’ with who we are?? Until we live a ‘real’ and full life, and support ourselves and our dreams? Only then can we really support the dreams of others! When are WE finally ‘enough?’ Pretty enough, smart enough, small enough, worthy enough?? I can’t wait to hear more of what you have to say, and your voice and vulnerability will help others to find their way.. Love, hugs and magic sis!