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Lovelies and loveliettes,
Welcome to episode TWO of the Life. Unrestricted. Podcast!

In this episode of the Life Unrestricted Podcast, I am talking to Nicole Spencer, a 49 year old life coach and Yoga Recovery teacher from Zurich, Switzerland. She shares with us her incredible journey from growing up as an anxious kid who developed OCD, later an eating disorder, exercise addiction, and, finally, severe alcoholism from which it took her a long time to fully recover. She reveals what really helped her on this often difficult healing process and how she maintains healthy boundaries and true stability. Initially a successful banker, she has now found her true passion in helping other people on their way to recovery from addictions and disorders, and to find their inner peace, more grounding as well as access to their true inner compass. She shares her best advice on:
– How, unless we treat the root cause of them, it’s highly likely that stopping an addiction will only cause another to appear and hurt us
– How we can cultivate more self-compassion
– How to de-stress in today’s constant sensory overload
– How to ground ourselves when things aren’t going as planned
– How to calm our monkey mind
– What it means to truly take care of ourselves…
… And so much more!


Find Nicole and her boyfriend Michel are the creators of Yogaherz (Switzerland); you can find everything on:
Nicole teaches great Yoga classes at Sanapurna in Zurich (Switzerland), all the infos are on:

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