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Boom! Welcome to episode number 4 of the Life. Unrestricted. Podcast!

In this episode, Keri-Anne Livingstone and I are getting real about… getting real.
As a Certified Empowerment Coach, impassioned speaker and “Edu-Tainer”, Keri-Anne helps others towards radical self-acceptance, overcoming fear and how to be the truest version of themselves. She shares with us how, up until just a few years ago, she was an overwhelmed mother and disconnected woman living an unfulfilled corporate lifestyle, and only after many unexpected challenges in her life, she transformed her mindset by exploring the one concept that she is now teaching us… “Daring To Suck”. Listen in and learn:
– What she means when she says “dare to suck”
– What the most important steps are in this process
– How you can learn to tune in and get courageous enough to speak up
– How we can implement her concept “Daring To Suck” into our lives
– How a simple mindset-shift can propel us out of victim-mentality
– Why it’s not helping to make life all about “just be positive”
– How we can learn to recognize the great gifts in our most difficult struggles
– How we can make our own hot mess someone else’s miracle
– How three simple words can set you on the right track to more self-confidence
– What it takes to overcome self-doubt and to step into a feeling of self-worth
– Why there’s no need to be afraid of fear when we know what it wants to tell us…

… And so much more!


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