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Lovely ones… Yay! Welcome to episode 5 of the “Life Unrestricted Podcast”…
… You are going to love what you hear.
In this episode of the “Life Unrestricted Podcast”, you are going to meet Sarah Vance from Cincinnati, a truly fabulous chick who knows exactly what it means when we let the mission to “get our goal body” take over our lives. Sarah experienced first hand how – back when “her body was a project” – life can feel increasingly horrible, and that the more obsessed we become with weight and appearance, the more our health is at the risk of declining. As a former bikini model and exercise addict who was severely obsessed with food, weight, fitness and her appearance, she knows the battle of so many people in today’s society. She has managed to step out of restriction misery and has healed her compulsive relationship to exercise. It has become her mission to help others reclaim their freedom with their bodies and their relationship to food. She is a body image coach who specializes in banishing body hate and in getting a handle on emotional eating.


This week, on the “Life Unrestricted Podcast”, she shares with us:
– How she slipped into the increasingly obsessive mindset where “good” was never “good enough”
– How we often don’t realize how sneakily a body- and weight-obsessed mentality can turn our life into a trap
– Why she ignored her declining health (loss of period, injuries, hair falling out…) for so long
– What the turning point for her was when she said “enough”
– What the first crucial steps are when we want to heal our negative body image and self-loathing
– How helpful it was to her to learn about the mechanisms of diet-culture and the way media portrays women
– Why the majority of eating disorders aren’t being detected and how our culture promotes disordered behavior as “healthy”
– How body positivity helped her on her path towards body acceptance
– What the most important steps are when we want to break free from obsessive behaviors
– Why we need to detach “food” from “exercise” in our minds
– How she got through the most difficult periods of recovery
– Why she now celebrates every menstrual cycle she gets
– How we can tackle the issue of “body image in the bedroom”
– How she worked through her issues to now be able to enjoy a truly fulfilling sex life that was non-existent before
– How she intends to help change the harmful existing paradigm that keeps so many people trapped in the idea that they have to “look good”…

… And so much more!

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