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In this episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I get to talk to Vania Phitidis from Sussex, Great Britain. Vania is an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, an MB-EAT teacher, MB-EAT being the acronym for Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training) as well as a Self Esteem Mentor. She has a master in Education for Sustainability from London South Bank and a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Art history from VITS.


In order to resolve her own body image issues and eating disorders she found that she had to let go of 5 things. 1 – unrealistic expectations of herself, 2 dieting, 3 restricting particular foods, 4 trying to get and stay skinny and 5 attempting to be perfect. Sounds easy, but was a lifelong process that she will tell us about. What she is focused on nowadays is being her most powerful self and helping others to enhance the quality of their own life and make better use of it than eternally dieting. For me, it’s vulnerability time today… In this episode, Vania Phitidis doesn’t just show us how we can let go of our food and weight fears and approach health from a sane and loving perspective. But she uses me as an example… and questions my inner gremlin voice. Find out how that turns out! So, listen in and hear Vania tell us her story:
– How early it got into her head that women should „lose weight“
– How quick children are to copy what they see their mothers do
– What made her develop bulimia and how bad that got for her
– Why giving up bulimia didn’t change anything on a mental level
– Why she subsequently got stuck in dieting and being constantly worried about her weight
– Why it is that diets (or “lifestyle changes” where weight-loss is the goal!) DO NOT work
– Why we often do the worst thing for our body when we train too often and too hard.
– What it takes to overcome the eternally distracting quest for thinness
– How she overcame her internalized fear of weight gain
– How we can choose what we expose ourselves to
– How she learned that everyone, including herself, is inherently worthy
– Why women who stay obsessed by weight-loss and dieting are severely limiting their potential
– How she learned to calm her mind and catch the thoughts that kept her stuck
– How we can learn to question our beliefs and our thinking
– Why it is important to question what we believe is „true“, simply because we “always believed it”
– Why mindfulness is key on the path to self-acceptance and body-acceptance
– How mindfulness can help us become aware of our feelings and our spontaneous reactions
– Why she doesn’t advise anyone to shout back at the inner critic, and what to do instead
– Why she believes that Intuitive Eating is the only way to leave the days of “feeling crazy around food” behind
– Why the switch from dieting to Intuitive Eating takes a leap of faith and can be very challenging
– Why real progress in the direction of healing is not possible unless we work on our body image and our deep-rooted fat-phobia
– How she deals with people who engage in diet-talk, body-shaming and eternal weight-loss-talk bonding.
– What her mission in life is…

…And so much more!
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The book that opened her eyes on the oppressive nature of diet-culture:
Naomi Wolf: “The Beauty Myth”
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