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In this episode of the “Life Unrestricted” podcast, I get to talk to Dr. Linda Bacon from Berkeley, California, USA. It’s a lucky day for all of us, because we get to listen to her highly insightful knowledge and opinion about our relationship to food, bodies and health.


Dr. Linda Bacon is a health professor and researcher on the inside track of weight-regulation science, she holds graduate degrees in physiology, psychology and exercise metabolism with a specialty in nutrition. She has conducted federally funded studies on diet and health and is well-published in top scientific journals, and has written two books, first, her highly acclaimed bestseller “Health At Every Size – The Surprising Truth About Your Weight” and recently “Body Respect – What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out Or Just Fail To Understand About Weight”. She is currently a health professor at City College of San Francisco and an Associate Nutritionist at the University of California Davis. She is sharing her story with us and will tell us:
– Why she invested decades diving into science
– How it is possible, that the clear understanding about health (and how little weight really plays into it) has for decades been kept from the public
– Why the truth about diets not working and weight not being an important determinator of health is being held back
– Who is really behind the decision to make “obesity” classify as a disease
– Why there is such tremendous resistance to the idea of size-acceptance
– Who and what is behind the “obesity”-crisis, fat-fear and weight-stigma
– Why our capitalist society needs us to believe there is something “wrong” with us
– Why putting the sole focus on weight-loss will not improve health markers, and what does
– Why so many women and men aren’t even recognizing the damaging effects of the myths they believe in
– Why diet and exercise are only small contributors to a person’s actual health
– How social status, agency, genes, mental and psychological stress and unfair treatment are so much more important in determining someone’s health
– How, during her Phd, she was confronted with the fact that the actual (!) truth wasn’t appreciated by decision-makers
– Why so many doctors are innocently prescribing weight-loss despite the fact that this most often doesn’t address the issue at hand
– What the pillars of Health At Every Size (HAES) really are and what the most common myths about it are
– Why Health At Every Size (HAES) is for people of all sizes, and why it gets so much push-back
– Why we need a lot of critical thinking to see behind the lies that keep so many people trapped, unhealthy, and frustrated
– Why weight- and fat-discrimination are highly detrimental to a person’s health and will never lead to long-lasting, healthy weight-management
– Why it is wise to look at so-called “scientific proof” with a critical eye
– Why people who accept and appreciate their bodies will take better care of it
– Why much of the problems we blame on fat have, in fact, nothing to do with fat
– Why both thin people as well as people in larger bodies risk medical misdiagnosis due to the BMI index
– Why she is optimistic that the medical profession will, ever so slowly, change their views
– What her mission in life is…

… And so much more!
Check out Dr. Linda Bacon, her work around Health At Every Size (HAES) and her coaching over at:
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Here’s the links to her books:
– “Health At Every Size – The Surprising Truth About Your Weight”

– “Body Respect – What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out Or Just Fail To Understand About Weight”


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    2016-10-18 at 1:29 PM (6 years ago)

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