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In this episode of the “Life Unrestricted” podcast, you are going to meet one of my favorite ladies in the world of body positivity and body image: It’s Summer Innanen from Vancouver, whose podcast has literally changed my life.


In my opinion, every woman can use a good dose of Summer in her life! She works as a Body Image Coach who has her own past with diets, restriction, body insecurity and exercise addiction, and she now helps women to stop living behind the number on their scales, to ditch the diet demons for good and to develop real inner confidence. Today, and only on the “Life Unrestricted” podcast, she’s letting us know some things about herself that she hasn’t shared anywhere else before. So listen in and learn:
– How being  body-shamed, bullied and being surrounded by diet-talk and an ever-dieting mother contributed to her slipping into a very obsessive mindset
– What she was trying to achieve by “becoming thinner” and why so many of us fall into this trap
– Why she never realized she had a problem until very late in the “game”
– What terrible advice she was given by various doctors before she found someone who was educated enough to know about the harmful effects of overexercising and restriction on the female body
– How she stopped lying to herself
– How she managed to break her exercise addiction and gave her body time to heal
– How long it took her to get the “thin-obsession” out of her head
– Why discovering Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size (HAES) played such an important role in her recovery
– What she learned about the underlying issues that keep women in the diet- and weight-obsession trap
– Why anger and resentment are blocks to becoming an authentically kind and compassionate person
– What women are REALLY trying to fix when they are trying to fix their bodies
– What body positivity means to her
– Why body image is much more than how we think about our thighs and stomachs
– How learning about the mechanisms of diet-culture and the huge fitness- and weight-loss-industries can help us snap awake
– Why developing an inner rebel helps on our journey towards accepting our bodies
– How to find a tribe of likeminded rebels is key to the healing process
– How she works with her clients and how she challenges them to step out of their comfort zones
– Where she expects the most resistance in her coaching work
– Why emotional eating is part of the process when healing body image, diet-obsession and exercise addiction
– How having a healthy body image doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows
– Where her inner Gremlin shows up for her these days
– Why she would never go back to that small life she previously had as a career dieter
– How all of us can discover that freedom and solid self-worth beyond the scales and our jeans size…

… And so much more!
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