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Hey, lovely radicals… Ear-treat ahead!
In this episode of the “Life Unrestricted” podcast, Virgie Tovar and I chat about how she became the unapologetic badass she is today. As you might guess, she wasn’t always as confident as she is nowadays, and she had to learn a lot about life, herself, sexuality, feminism and diet-culture to finally be able to liberate herself from the oppressive, fat-phobic cultural paradigm that keeps women desperately trying to fit in, often in the form of dieting and obsessing over their weight.


She experienced first hand, what it means to be fat-shamed, stigmatized and devalued and she is now fiercely on a mission to educate people about the ugly truths behind the merciless profit-seeking mechanisms of the diet-industry, media-literacy, the effects of weight-stigma on mental and physical health and the ways of changing the current narrative. Virgie shares her story with us and you’ll hear:
– How early it got into her head that women should “lose weight”
– What measures she was willing to take in order to change her body
– How fat-phobia and weight-stigma can cause women to engage in risky sexual behavior
– How fat-stigma intersects with other cultural injustices like racism, homophobia, sexism, classism or ableism
– How she ended up with an extraordinary lifestyle and sexual adventures when she was only a teenager
– What it was that made her feel desired and more comfortable in her body
– How feminism helped her to reclaim her own power
– What the exact moment was that she finally broke up with diet-culture for good
– Why feminism is seen as something “OH, NO, THANKS!” for many people, especially women
– What her journey towards self-acceptance looked (and looks) like
– What causes her to experience bad body days
– Why fat-phobia causes ongoing trauma for people
– How bigger-bodied people can protect themselves and take care of their own mental health first
– How we can help changing the current diet-culture-poisoned paradigm one woman at a time
– How we can engage in political activism so that it can be a form of self-care
– What her nationwide lectures are all about, and what her main messages are
– What her online course “Babecamp” offers to women who are ready to ditch their diet-culture-brainwashed mentality
– What her deepest wish is
– What she would like to be remembered for…

…And so much more!
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Here’s the link to her groundbreaking anthology “Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion”:
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