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Hello, lovely radicals! Time for another podcast ride; hold on tight!

In this episode of the “Life Unrestricted” podcast, we are getting to know Glenys Oyston. Glenys is a Registered Dietitian who does NOT believe in dieting; she has seen behind the diet-culture BS and has become a Health At Every Size dietitian. Like many of her fellow RD’s that follow the Health At Every Size (HAES, for short) principles, she knows that it’s much more helpful to improve our relationship to our bodies and food than focusing on weight-loss. She has been a diet-victim for decades, just like many of us, and she has experienced just how much attention and congratulations we get when weight is lost. Therefore she knows exactly why so many people dread to gain weight. But instead of keeping on living in the pre-hell of either lusting after food or restricting it, she got taught a better way. She got educated about HAES, Health At Every Size, and as she says, it has transformed her life and the way she thinks about weight, diet and body image.


Needless to say, she never dieted again and she is doing fabulous. She has helped countless humans ditch diet-mentality and find true self-acceptance and a healthy body image. She also writes the amazing blog called “Dare To Not Diet” and she is a fellow podcast lady. Together with Aaron Flores, she hosts the highly recommendable podcast “Dietitians Unplugged”. Glenys tells us how she came to be a Health At Every Size (HAES) dietitian, and how the process of stepping out of the dogmatic diet-culture chains has helped her—finally, in her forties—to develop a relaxed and uncomplicated, peaceful relationship with food and her body. She shares her story with us and you’ll hear:
– Why she never learned to eat balanced meals as a kid
– How her mother’s diet-mentality kept her from eating with her daughter
– How she ended up comforting herself with cookies and cake
– Why she ended up repeating what her mother did: go on strict, restrictive diets
– How dieting kept her mental and physical bandwidth trapped and made her obsess about food
– How an incredibly lucky coincidence saved her from another 20+ years of yoyo-dieting
– How studying the Health At Every Size (HAES) principles helped her free herself from eternal dieting
– How she gave up on the “thin person-game” and learned to accept her body in its natural, happy shape
– Why she thinks it’s no coincidence that diet-culture started skyrocketing after women got the right to
– What is lost on the world when the majority of the female population is dieting/focusing so much energy on weight-loss
– How diets are just as addictive as any other coping mechanism
– Why it’s never really about the weight or our body, even when we think it is
– What we have to work on before we can successfully ditch diets and embody ourselves
– How she and her HAES-colleagues help their clients to un-diet and re-allow their previously restricted foods into their diet
– Why the whole process of un-dieting requires a lot of trust, courage and strength
– What her deepest wish is
– What she would like to be remembered for…

…And so much more!

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