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In this episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, you’re going to hear Tracy Brown from Naples, Florida. She is a nutrition therapist, registered licensed dietitian and somatic attuned eating coach who has offered counseling in private practice since 2006.


She specializes in treatment of eating disorders and eating problems for both adults and children and she also routinely teaches intuitive eating workshops and disordered eating related talks in the North Central Florida area, including Santa Fe College and Flager College, St. Augustine, Florida. Today, and only on the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, she’s will tell us all of this:
– How being highly sensitive as a kid led her to numb her feelings with an obsession to be the perfect kid
– How her obsession quickly turned into meal-skipping, dieting, and taking advice from fitness-magazines at face value
– Why it took years of purging, binging, restricting and suffering before she realized that happiness wasn’t to be found by chasing after the skinny ideal
– When it was that she decided to learn to accept her body and look into attuned (intuitive) eating
– What it took for her to heal her relationship to food, body and exercise
– Why therapy and body image work helped her not to worry about food and her body anymore
– How she provides practical guidance and interventions for people suffering from eating disorders, food fears and underlying emotions
– How society has a false image of how eating disorders look like and how the reality of eating disorders look like
– How we can learn to eat based on permission
– Why, when she works nutritionally with her clients, she only does so to make sure that they eat enough and have all they need
– Why the concept of “good” and “bad” foods is obsolete to maintain a body’s natural weight – Why she believes that dieting, binging, purging and all eating disorders are symbolic communicators delivering a message from our soul
– What she does when she does “symbolic decoding”
– Why, when we are tempted to say “I feel fat”, it never – ever – is about the size of our body, and what we can ask ourselves instead
– What her three most favorite words are
– Why she thinks that everyone who is willing to heal the relationship to their body/food and weight is a badass…

… And so much more!

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