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Hey, sweet radicals, here we go again: Podcast!

This week, on the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, it’s my pleasure to bring to you a fellow podcaster and size-acceptance fighter… It is the wonderful Christy Harrison from New York.


Christy is an intuitive eating coach and anti-diet registered dietitian who helps people make peace with food. She offers online intuitive eating courses and individual nutrition therapy for people who want to heal their difficult relationship to food. Her work is based on Health At Every size and is coming from a body positive perspective, which is wonderful. Being a journalist as well, she has written for numerous magazines and websites, including Refinery29, Gourmet, The Food Network and others. She is also hosting a podcast that has had a great influence on me and my courage to recover from restriction, binging and overexercising. Christy and I chatted on a Sunday, evening for me, morning for her, so both of us in chill mode.
Listen to Christy as she tells us:
– How her relationship to food and body was when she grew up
– What kind of experiences planted a seed in her mind that her body wasn’t good-looking enough
– How her mother related to food, body and weight
– Why her more serious eating difficulties didn’t start early in life, but only when she was in college
– What experience it was that made her decide to change her body, go on diets and restrict her food
– Why her mother didn’t recognize her eating behaviors and her struggle with bulimia
– How she justified her behaviors around food and why it took her a long time to step out of denial
– How not having the right therapist and physician negatively influenced her behavior
– Why her codependency, of all things, turned out to be a saving grace in regards to taking the necessary steps toward recovery
– How she subsequently healed her relationship to food and how self-compassion was critical
– How early attachment issues often manifest in eating disorders and codependency
– How therapy helped her heal her relationship to food, eating, and her sense of self-worth
– How she helps her clients who want to give up lifelong dieting, disordered eating or eating disorders
– How she helps people find to a weight-neutral approach to health
– Why taking charge of our social media feed is so important and can be so healing
– Why she thinks Health At Every Size (HAES) is the only way to truly heal our relationship with food and our weight
– Why self-compassion and patience are pivotal in healing our body image and how we relate to food and weight…
… And so much more!


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Here’s the link to her podcast called “Food Psych”:


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