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In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I talk to Isabel Foxen Duke from San Francisco. Isabel is a Certified Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert.

She is the founder of the renowned “Stop Fighting Food”-program that has helped countless women making peace with food and their body, so that they could finally stop obsessing about food, and get back to enjoying their lives. After years of trying to overcome her binge eating through “traditional” and alternative approaches Isabel managed to heal herself, as she discovered how binge eating and dieting are linked. She is incredibly successful in her work and has helped thousands of women overcome their food issues for good. Listen to Isabel as she tells us:
– What her earliest memories are of “being in a body”
– What made her feel unattractive and “too big” when she was only a child
– What it was the set the stage for her quest for thinness
– Why she never got help and denied she had a food and body issue for so long
– Why no one recognized she had an eating disorder
– Why that quest for a thinner body has everything to do with her ending up with a cocaine habit
– What she learned in rehab
– What she thinks makes most eating disorder treatments resulting in such poor recovery rates
– What made her finally understand where her binging came from
– What helped her on the way to body acceptance, and why that work is key
– Why mental deprivation and restriction are just as binge-causing as physical deprivation
– How many people unconsciously restrict and don’t realize it
– Why diet-mentality is a stumbling block for our attempts to free ourselves of the “crazy feeling around food”
– Where weight discrimination comes from
– Where the term “body positivity” comes from
– Why healing our relationship with food does not mean acquiring a certain body size
– Why the “sugar addiction” and “food addiction” hype is so problematic
– How to overcome our internal diet-mentality
– What her program “Stop Fighting Food” is all about
– The difference between fat phobia and internalized fat-phobia and why both keep everyone stuck
– How weight-suppression keeps us from living our lives fully and freely
– Why it is important to see the toxic mechanisms behind diet-culture and the diet industry and how this can help us stepping out of old beliefs
– How to heal negative body image, let go of disordered eating, overcome food fears and end weight-obsession…

… And so much more!

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