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Lovely radicals, it’s podcast time!

This week on the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, it’s my pleasure to talk to Jessica Setnick from Dallas, Texas.

Jessica is an internationally known pediatric dietitian, an award-winning writer and she is training professionals to work in the field of eating issues. She is definitely the best sort of woman to talk to about the origins of our world’s body image problem and our issues with eating and weight; Jessica is an icon in the eating disorder field. Her academic background is in human behavior and with her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition, she has become an expert in dysfunctional and disordered eating who has a unique ability to see what others might miss. As a Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian and Dietitian Supervisor, she has treated thousands of patients in the hospital and out, and she knows how to identify the underlying issues influencing patients’ eating. Jessica is the author of “The Eating Disorder Clinical Pocket Guide” and “Eating Disorders Boot Camp”, and she is a co-founder of IFEED, the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians. In 2013, after 16 years of hospital and community work, Jessica closed her private practice to fulfill her mission of educating health professionals about our current understanding of eating disorders and thereby empowering them to confidently and competently help those who suffer. In all of her work, Jessica combines humor, science, and professional experience to help us all improve one of the key relationships in life—the one we have with food.
Today, you’ll hear Jessica talk about:
– How she related to food and her body as a child
– What drove her to get a degree in Anthropology as well as one in Sports Nutrition
– What she learned about people’s eating behaviors
– Why there is always a reason for the way we relate to food
– Why the oldest emotional wounds often have the deepest imprint on our soul
– Why we are so often attracted to people who end up treating us like our fathers or mothers did
– Why we can only recognize as love what we grew up to believe was love
– What we hope to achieve by re-creating our childhood “drama”
– Why our habits very often evolved as way to self-soothe, at a stage when the particular behavior was the only way we knew how to deal with difficult experiences
– Why there is no need to be ashamed for recognizing those behaviors for what they are
– What our own judgments can tell us about ourselves
– Why our society is too quick to categorize people in their particular problems, and how to look at eating disorders from an individual’s perspective
– Why it can be the most powerful thing to just be present with someone who’s currently struggling
– What the advantages are for recovering from disordered eating as an adult, no matter how long their behaviors have been disordered
– Why it is never too late to start un-dieting, recovering, and befriending food and our body again
– How early in life we get conditioned to detach our eating from our internal cues
– What she wants us all to know about our bodies
– Why it’s important to remind ourselves who’s profiting off our insecurities
– How weight-bias in the medical field can cause people to die
– The medical ramifications of our society’s belief that “healthy” looks a certain way
– What’s dangerous about our society’s unhealthy coupling of the concepts of food and exercise
– Why our controlling tendencies can only give us a false sense of safety
– How little is actually known about eating disorders
– What an ideal eating disorder professional should bring to the table
– What she means when she says “start being an anthropologist in everyday life” and why it is so helpful
– The danger of repeated exposure to seemingly harmless advertisements
– How to see the ridiculousness of the made-up/fake-advertisement world
– Why awareness (and self-awareness!) is key on the journey of growing more resilient
– What she thinks about the memes that tell us to “love our bodies”…
… And so much more!

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