Hey there, lovely radicals… podcast time!

After one year of shameful silence… Let it be broken.
I think we need to talk about what it is that might be going wrong in many eating disorder treatment clinics, and all I can do to inspire a conversation is contribute my own experience; colored – of course – by my own shadows and blind spots.
I criticize the epic failure of the ongoing weight-stigma in many eating disorder treatment centers, and how – sadly – many clinics reinforce the very thoughts that led patients into an eating disorder in the first place.
So if you feel like you are in a position to listen to this, I am honored. May it be for the betterment of the current state of many ED treatment facilities.
I’ll also talk about how and why this year was so dark and confusing for me, how I got diagnosed with “Asperger’s Syndrome” and what my plans are to hopefully make the start of 2019 more pleasant.

Lovelies, this one’s long and highly personal, and I already have a vulnerability hangover, just from thinking that I’m putting all of this out there. But I would love for you to listen.

I just think this need out. So, inshallah!

Last but not least, dear ones:
Happy holidays, take utmost care of yourself.
Love to all of you.




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