LU 069: Me, solo – How to never fall for diet-y “New Year’s Resolutions“ again and become more YOU.

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Hey there, lovely radicals! Podcast ahead.

Today on the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, your ears are in for a re-treat.
Because it’s THAT time of year again.
Christmas and New Year’s are at the door and with them a lot of tension.
And a lot of misguided “resolutions”.
So I think we’re all in need of some reminders as to why we DON’T have to listen to all the diet-y New Year’s Resolutions and false promises. Some soul-saving words to stay true to our own body’s needs and to keep trusting it.

So in todays’ episode I want to remind us of that by replaying something I said a while ago.
See, all around us, people are in a buying frenzy, we are all being bombarded by “special offers” and “limited editions” and “gift ideas”.
And I can’t help thinking of this excellent quote (credited to 15 different people, so I wonder if I should make it mine…?—Just kidding!) that says:
“We are persuaded to buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t care about.”

And as if THAT wasn’t enough to give me a million ideas for this podcast, we are ALSO being bombarded by the same old, sucked dry, tried-and-failed weight-loss New Year’s resolutions.

I can’t even with this nonsense anymore!
It makes me want to poke my eyeballs with a pencil and make monkey noises. This has got to change. So I’m going to talk about it.

This episode is packed full of what I know about present-day marketing and how this ties into our world’s collective, terrible state of body image. In my opinion, this knowledge is crucial to become more critical as a consumer and better equipped to see behind façades.
This episode also contains a truckload of NEW “New Year’s Resolutions” to keep you strong on this path towards liberating your wonderful self, and not to fall for the tired old bunch of weight-lossy ones.
And lastly, this episode is full of love. Full of gratitude for you showing up, full of respect for your continuous growth, full of awe for our collective support, our community, our sister- and brotherhood, for lack of a less wooo-wooo word.
All of what I say today, is based on my interest to see us blossom.

One promise: After listening to this, you will be perfectly equipped to step into the New Year with an awake mind, a well-oiled internal bullshit-detector, and a protective shield against the onslaught of body negative messages around you.

One warning: Listening to this may cause you to question some beliefs you might have subconsciously been holding on to, and that might feel uncomfortable.

One secret: That’s a sign of growth! Growth happens out of your comfort zone.

Thank you a million times for being on this journey with me….
You are incredible people, radicals. I love you.

Happy holidays, merry everything!


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”—Anaïs Nin.

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Hasta la vista, sad old New Year’s resolutions! Voilà: Better ideas to start a new year/week/day with.

Hey, lovely radicals!

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback for my last podcast episode on marketing literacy and better ideas for New Year’s resolutions. The responses have made my eyes swim.

A lot of you have asked for a written version as a handy reminder. Great idea!
(I’ll make it two posts, though, for length-reasons. Let’s tackle the resolutions first.)

Tadaaaa! January—the international month of mass-dieting—is ahead.
So here it comes thundering in again, the usual tsunami of the same old, diet-y New Year’s resolutions. What a biiiig surprise (yawn): Only 243’039’472 differently packaged versions of
“Just do THIS and happiness is yours!” Did you notice? All they are is a serving of “copy-paste” from last year, the year before, and the many years before that!—Some new products, some new gadgets… but the same crap all over: The message that we need to fix ourselves to be acceptable and—conveniently attached to it—any number of ideas how to go about that.

Enough already!

Sadly, they still get clicks. In fact, the more weight-loss-promising they are, the more clicks they get. That only shows how successfully the idea that “thin is better” has been marketed to us over the past decades.
After all the different ways this idea has been presented to us—anything from “Heroin-chic” to “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” to “Fitspo”, including the viciously spreading trend “Healthy is the new skinny”—millions of people have now come to believe that “healthy” has a LOOK! That “healthy” has a number on the scale.
(—How convenient for disordered eaters to hide their weight-loss-obsession behind: “Oh, I just want to be healthy!”)
People are now subscribing to ideas of clean eating, believing that this is the magic bullet to health, even if it often leads them into very dark rabbit holes of orthorexia and—funny, huh?—very unhealthy states. Sadly, this trend is rampant and turns women and girls into obsessed, rule-based, fearful, compulsive eaters that are anything BUT healthy or happy.
(Needless to say that if all of these trends didn’t promise some sort of weight-loss, we wouldn’t be as obsessed and clinging to all the ways “health” is now being marketed to us:
Cleanses, Paleo, Raw, Clean Eating, Multi-Level-Marketing schemes like “Beach Body” and all its nasty cousins, any number of weight-loss-challenges, and the gazillion of differently wrapped ideas that keep creeping into our feeds and burn themselves on to our already compromised hard drives.)

When all that matters is how we look and how others perceive us, we end up giving up our power and we end up ready and willing to try everything, no matter the cost.
Now matter how UN-healthy and miserable it makes us.

So. New Year’s resolutions.

Let me gently open the lid of my internal garbage grinder and enjoy the lovely sound of all of those little bastards being torn to shreds.

Aaaaaaah. Relief.
And now that the table is clear, let’s rewrite that script, shall we?
So, for the fun of it, as an emergency backup or just for inspiration, let’s create some NEW, sustainable, kind, game-changing New Year’s resolutions.
Since everything in our life has been about “have to“s and “gotta get to“s, “should“s and “no more“s—and we’ve all been running ourselves into the ground with these—THIS time, we’re going to abandon that sinking self-flagellation ship and make our list about PERMISSION. (Yep. The thing we think about least.)

Here are some of my ideas for now and forever after; take as many as you wish!

Some last words before I go:
You have permission to just be you, and to try to be as kind to yourself as you can.
We all deserve more freedom and joy, and this is a good time to allow some of that in, instead of opening the door to mood-darkening messages and self-defeating thoughts.

You deserve it.

You matter.

—And to prevent any sort of diet-mentality from creeping back into our minds after New Years Eve, you can count on me; I’ll be back January 2, with a new podcast episode with a wonderful guest who knows everything about kindness, especially when it comes to how we live with our bodies.
Good stuff is coming your way, radicals.
See you on the other side!








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