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In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, you’ll hear my conversation with Lu Uhrich from Pennsylvania. Lu and I spoke a few months ago, and I’m happy to announce that she shares a great deal of knowledge with us here on the show. Lu is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach who helps women worldwide to grow in self-awareness, find food freedom and practice body love. She also host the “Untamed” podcast, where she interviews women who are living beyond limits and who are helping others to do the same. Lu specializes in guiding her clients to overcome struggles with yo-yo dieting, food restriction, binge eating, loss of periods, shame, body hate and other unwanted symptoms, mindsets or behaviors. Through her one-on-one coaching program and online courses, she teaches participants to end the exhausting hustle for food and body perfection by finding out who they really are, what they truly want, and how to finally get it.
Listen in as Lu talks about:
– How her parents raised her in a very body positive and food positive (and therefore unusual) way
– How well her body and food confidence protected her from falling for diet-messages and body negativity
– Why the messages she got in church threw her for a loop with regards to her confidence about herself as a woman
– What it was that made her slip into disordered ways with eating and exercise
– What we get wrong when “the diet doesn’t work anymore”, and why we end up digging an even deeper hole for ourselves
– What made her lose her period
– Why not having a period is so dangerous for a woman’s health
– Why being on the pill only masks Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea (HA) by producing a “withdrawal bleed”
– Why we usually only seek help when the uncontrollable binges start (reactionary eating after restriction)
– Some of the mental traps she set up for herself that made her think “she had to keep the body she worked so hard for”
– Why we often fear weight-gain more when we’re at our sickest/thinnest
– How diet-mentality can distort our inner compass and our true values
– How she dealt with weight gain in recovery from hear disordered eating and lack of period
– How she advises her clients who suffer from Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea (HA) in terms of exercise and food
– Why resting, eating plenty and finding joy in what we do are essential for recovery
– Why she would never wear a Fitbit or count calories again
– How to deal with the internalized “should”s
– How we can apply curiosity and self-compassion when our bodies change shape/size
– How to understand your binges and how to deal with them
– What our culture’s obsession with “eating right” is often code for
– What she means when she says “the only way out is through”
– What food freedom looks like and why it is liberating on many different levels
– Why weight-gain after menopause is the best life-protection for you…

… And so much more!

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