You really made it here. Beautiful!
So, who am I? My name is Meret, I live in Zurich (Switzerland) and… – in a nutshell: I’m 42 years old writer and ex-radio DJ that is currently on a mission to heal my mind and body from diet-culture.
More specifically: After decades of dieting, feeling ashamed in my body, going totally overboard with exercise, being obsessed with food, calories and weight, I want to get my mind straight again. I’m sick of the „need to be skinny to be happy“-misery so many of us end up in.

There’s not much I know, but I can tell you this:
Restrictive eating and compulsively exercising make you lose what you were after in the first place: A fulfilled life.

The main thing diets will make you lose: Your life.

This journey, friend, is not an easy one. Especially after all this time that I was caught up in this body-shame-hell. That’s why I’m taking you along.
By telling my story, I hope to make at least someone out there feeling less alone. And I’m telling it to build my own courage-muscle to finally leave this food- and exercise-hell behind.

I’m glad you’re here. Come on, let’s walk together!


PS: This page is partly English and partly German, that’s because a lot of the friends I met (particularly those whom I met since I started to get courageous about, well… myself) are from english-speaking countries. I wouldn’t for the world want to write in a language they’ve not the slightest about. Yet I don’t want to exclude my German speaking tribe… So, there.