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Welcome to the third episode of the Life. Unrestricted. Podcast!

In this episode, I talk to Nicola Rinaldi from Boston (USA) about her journey from losing her period – due to too much exercise and not enough food – to recovery, and in her case a beautiful family with three boys. The talks about how her love of exercise became unhealthy and how things really turned nasty when she also started dieting in order to lose “those ten pounds”. She came to regret that: She stopped menstruating and subsequently almost slipped into a full blown eating disorder. Fortunately, she was able to allow herself to get better: Her dreams of having a family of her own meant that she had to take care of herself. She exercised less, ate more and finally got her period back and started a family. She is passionate about helping women to see why their cycle is so important for their mood, their sleep, their bones and their overall health whether or not they want children of their own. She helped hundreds of women recover their periods and has only recently published her book “No period. Now What?”, a comprehensive guide to recovery for women who have lost their period. Nicola shares her insights on:
– What “Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea” (HA) is, what causes it and what the ramifications of it are
– How, when she lost her period more than 10 years ago, she had to do her own research to find out what was really happening
– How the Minnesota Starvation Experiment Study helped her regain her senses and start to recover
– How women are often misinformed when it comes to weight and pregnancy
– How it happens that we often think that we are doing the “healthy thing” when, in reality, we are damaging our health
– What “healthy exercise” is
– How we are often totally misguided when it comes to exercise and food
– How to recover a healthy menstrual cycle and keep up a non-diet lifestyle after birth
– How we can change our mindset from “fear of weight gain” to “becoming healthy and happy” again
– How we can snap out of our negative self-talk
– How we can start to change the conversation about the current, unnatural beauty ideal that we see
– How partners and husbands are often suffering when their girlfriends or wives get stuck in such a state of weight-obsession and exercise compulsion
– How they react to a woman regaining her full health and radiance, and how much they appreciate their natural bodies and relaxedness
– How she raises her three boys to become non-judgmental towards size and shape…

… And so much more!


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