Are you ready to meet the first drag queen who is actually trapped in a woman’s body? In today’s episode of the Life Unrestricted Podcast, I am chatting with Kaila Prins, the woman with the most awesome drag make up I’ve ever seen. She is a body positive burlesque and pole dancer and by that she is a performing woman… performing “woman”!

kaila prins

Kaila is also a body positive wellness and recovery coach, feminist writer and speaker and a fellow podcastine… She talks about her 13-year battle with eating disorders, calorie counting, yo-yo dieting and compulsive exercise and has the most amazing guests. Kaila is one of the precious few voices who bring the taboo topics of eating disorders, exercise addiction, and body image obsession into the open and is an inspiration for thousands – myself included.

This show will leave you feeling ready to change the world, one step towards self-acceptance at a time. You will hear us talk about:
– How “healthy” and “skinny” have nothing to do with each other
– How we are potentially harming ourselves by doing what society calls “healthy”
– How most eating disorders go undiagnosed in a culture that promotes harmful behaviors
– How to tell if you are exercise dependent and how to break free of exercise addiction
– How too much exercise can be severely damaging to our bodies, our fertility and our emotional health
– How our obsession to be skinny can keep us trapped in recovered-enough and how this can hold us trapped and certainly keeps us from enjoying life as fully as we could
– How we can actually LET ourselves enjoy life, step out of our obsession to control our bodies and the need to be thinner
– How to get over our internalized fat-phobia and diet-culture mindset
– Why burlesque dancing is a great way to help you reconnect to and feel good in your body as it is returning to its happy weight
– How discovery is an important to leave the disordered mindset behind and step into your real self
– How discovering who you really are is worth so much more than living your life trying to match an unrealistic, distorted ideal
– How important it is to see behind media’s messages, to understand the psychology of marketing, to educate ourselves how we are being marketed to and why advertisement is intended to make us feel “less than” and “not good enough”, so that we, as customers, keep coming back
– How we can change the conversation, one brave woman at a time…

… And so much more!


Kaila is currently working on a program to work with clients who want to leave their exercise addiction and disordered eating behaviors behind and start living a fulfilling, satisfying life according to their own rules. You’ll find out more about her, her blog, her dancing gigs and (soon) her program on her website:
You can follow her on all the different social media platforms (@performingwoman) and her awesome podcast is here:

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