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In this episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I get to talk to Chris Cole from Boulder, Colorado. Chris is a life coach and works with clients in recovery from any number of addictions, mood or behavioral issues. He has been through quite a journey himself. In fact, it was such a rollercoaster ride that he wrote a book about it: It’s called “The Body Of Chris – a Memoir of Obsession, Addiction and Madness”.


Chris is a highly compassionate, positive force that helps people find their truth and their unique healing by offering an experienced perspective, a radical wellness orientation and an encouraging relationship that is crucial to sustainable growth. Listen in and hear Chris’ amazing story:
– What factors contributed to him feeling ashamed of his body in childhood
– Why early restriction only exacerbated his difficult relationship to food
– How being bullied and fat-shamed as a boy made him obsessed with losing weight
– How he learned to binge eat and the real danger of the concept of “cheat meals”
– How a personal trainer introduced him to diet-pills
– Why he didn’t realize the harm of them and quickly got hooked
– Why these “speedy” diet-pills turned out to be a gateway drug for him
– How his obsession with becoming thinner escalated into a whole range of problems
– When and how it became obvious for him and those around him that he was really sick
– What kind of harmful behaviors and habits contributed to his manic episode in college
– How manic episodes of psychosis typically present themselves and what it felt like for him
– How his deep body shame manifested in this peak moment of crisis
– Why his book is called “The Body of Chris”
– Why he is very passionate when talking about “The tragedy of the BMI”
– How he now sees that his alcohol/drug addictions are connected to his history of body shame and disordered eating as well as to his bipolar disorder
– Why he felt he had to numb out his sensitive nature
– What made him have liposuction at 17 and why that didn’t help him feel better about himself
– Why his body shame was the last and biggest hurdle on his road to full recovery
– Why he thinks recovery from any sort of destructive behavior is only the first step to dealing with the deeper problem that we tried to numb out from
– How vulnerability with his then-future-wife helped him take the necessary steps
– Why intuitive eating was so hard for him to learn
– How he deals with the messages that our weight-obsessed culture, TV and movies throw at us
– How meditation taught him to deal with his thoughts
– Why his current profile picture on Facebook represents what recovery looks like to him
– What having a body means to him these days and how he appreciates it, flaws and all…

… And so much more!

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