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Lovely having you here, my fellow traveller!
It’s Podcast time, which means: It’s a great moment to just open our ears and listen to a wonderful woman who has so much to say about what “moderation” really means.

In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” Podcast, I have the pleasure to talk to Zoe Nicholson from Melbourne, Australia. Zoe is an accredited practicing dietitian and the owner and director of the highly successful Melbourne based private practice called “figureate”- spelled out like figure and ate, as in “I ate cheesecake”.


Zoe conducts nutrition seminars and workshops for workplaces and corporations and she has, together with multi-award winning fitness professional Jodie Arnot, established the now well known “Moderation Movement” in Australia. Here’s Zoe! She will tell us:
– How she grew up without constant diet-talk, weight-obsessing or body-shaming
– Why it is so important what kind of role-models we are for our children
– When she found out that, basically, the rest of the world had gone slightly mad around so called health, weight and fitness
– How most people ended up feeling so much shame and guilt around food and their own bodies
– How the constant barrage of images of so-called “goal-bodies” and the millions of weight-loss messages we see every week has twisted our idea of health
– How to be real: We are not MEANT to – nor can we be  successful at (without losing our minds!) – reaching an unattainable beauty ideal
– How much precious time in a person’s life can literally be wasted on this toxic idea
– What she means when she speaks of the “Non-Diet”-approach to nutrition and health
– Why she still can’t believe that in todays day and age, we need to stand up for something that ought to be normal: a sustainable, balanced approach to health that doesn’t shrink our life
– What “The Moderation Movement” is and what its goals are – What “moderation” means to her
– How she helps people get comfortable with the idea of “moderation”
– How we can manage our health without ever dieting or fixating on our weight, and why, ironically the sheer act of “not fixating on weight” might be the first step to real health
– Why a person’s size never tells us anything about their health and the dangers of equating “thin” to “healthy”…

… And so much more!

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1 Comment on LU 015: Zoe Nicholson – Teaching us how to do “moderation” in moderation.

  1. Dina
    2016-11-27 at 5:51 PM (6 years ago)

    LOVED this! Thank you, Zoe and Meret!