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In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I’m talking to Dr. Anita Johnston from Colorado/Hawaii. She is a clinical psychologist, certified eating disorder specialist and storyteller who has been working with women struggling with eating and weight for over 30 years.


She is the Clinical Director of the ’Ai Pono Eating Disorder Programs in Honolulu and the recently opened ’Ai Pono Maui residential facility on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. She is Senior Advisor & Clinical Consultant to Focus Treatment Centers in Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville, Tennessee as well as Consultant to EATFED in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. She is the author of “Eating in the Light of the Moon”, which has been published in six languages. As an international speaker, Dr. Anita Johnston talks about the effects of the preoccupation with dieting and weight that keep millions of women around the world obsessed and all too often unsuccessfully attempting to control their struggles. Her most recent project is an interactive online e-course and women’s support circle called the “Light of the Moon Café”. Listen to Anita tell us:
– Why she is still baffled that she herself didn’t develop an eating disorder when she was young
– Why she thinks having a sensitive, intuitive nature is making women prone to having eating issues and a negative body image
– How she became interested in women’s issues
– How she became aware of the prevalent obsession with weight-loss, diet and body that women are caught up in
– Why she is so passionate about her work treating eating disorders
– Why she chose metaphors for her bestseller “Eating in the Light of the Moon”
– What made her come up with the beautiful metaphors for her book
– Why women’s eating issues have everything to do with patriarchy
– How women can learn to appreciate and cherish their emotional intensity and intuitive skills
– Why assertive communication is one of the most important skills to learn
– How we can reframe what we have come to believe about women, bodies and food for decades
– Why diet-culture hurts women’s souls so much, and how we can grow a certain amount of resiliency against it
– Why having a supporting community of women is the antidote against the oppressive tendencies of diet-culture and patriarchy
– How she deals with it when diet-culture (magazines, media, commercials) start affecting her inner contentment and how she re-appreciates her body
– Why it is so important to learn to recognize and identify our internalized diet-mentality voice
– How we can strengthen our inner voice of compassion to grow strong enough disobey the oppressive and punishing rules of the internalized diet-mentality and the external diet-culture messages
–Why women’s bodies and women’s sexuality have continuously been objectified, judged and shamed
– What the purpose of her online platform called “Light of the Moon Café” is and what it offers
– Why her treatment center and programs on Hawaii are called ’Ai Pono…

… And so much more!

If you are interested in Dr. Anita Johnston’s work, check out her website:

Also, check out the “Light of the Moon Café”:

Here’s the link to the ’Ai Pono healing center (Hawaii):
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