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Happy happy 2017, dear radicals!!

Let’s DO January differently, shall we?
Let’s come up with better ideas than those presented in the tired old weight-loss-resolutions. Let’s step into a kinder way of relating to ourselves!

This week on the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, you are going to hear another great woman who is changing the game and inspiring the world with her wonderful work on body kindness and Health at Every Size (HAES). It is Rebecca Scritchfield from Washington DC.

Rebecca is an expert on the connection between health and happiness and believes the foundation for a long, happy life lies in enjoyable habits. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a well-being coach as well as a health and fitness specialist, Rebecca helps people create a better life with workable, interesting self-care goals through her weight-neutral “Body Kindness” practice. Rebecca is the founder of Capitol Nutrition Group, co-founder of Dietitians for Body Confidence, and her very first book has just come out, it’s called “Body Kindness”, and I am honored to be holding an advance copy of it in my hands… it is a wonderful, colorful and powerful read; highly recommendable. Rebecca has also been a spokesperson and consultant to some big food brand, and through over 100 media outlets, she has reached millions of people. And today, it will be you she reaches, dear listener.
Listen to Rebecca as she tells us:
– What her happy childhood memories of “being in a body” look like
– What kind of comments and role-modeling made her become self-conscious about her body
– How her mother related to food, body and weight
– How her good intentions to take care of her body got twisted as her body image got worse
– What it was that pushed her over the edge and into some of her darkest times
– How her bad body image manifested in her ways of eating and exercising
– Why no one recognized her struggle with her body, food and weight
– How many women live in pretend-mode and hide their pain behind a mask of “I’m totally fine!”
– How we can overcome shame and start sharing what we are struggling with
– How we can make the best of our worst experiences
– How raising our voice against discrimination and injustice makes all the difference
– How it takes all of us to take down diet-culture
– Why our internal diet-mentality is so persistent
– Why everyone is entitled to their own pace when it comes to healing our false beliefs
– What the most important sentence is that you can tell yourself when things get rough and diet-thoughts are taking over our mental space
– How not to fall from one coping-mechanism into the next
– What she means by “body kindness”
– What the PACT-strategy is and how we can apply it
– Why we need to learn to sit with uncomfortable feelings instead of believing our Gremlin-voice
– Why being learning to be kind to yourself and your body (any sort of personal growth)) is likely to fire up your inner Gremlin and why that’s normal and even to be expected
– How not to get triggered by every diet-culture message you come across
– How her book “Body Kindness” came to be, and who she was really writing it for
– What she wants us to remember at this delicate time when so many people “go on diets”…

… And so much more!

Check out Rebecca’s website and have a look at her brand-new book:


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