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Lovely radicals… it’s podcast time!

In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I talk to Melissa Toler, from Maryland, close to Washington DC.

She is a certified health and wellness coach, speaker and writer, with a background as a pharmacist who offers a non-diet, weight-neutral health approach, and her goal is to help women connect the dots between our culture’s ridiculous beauty standards and our personal struggle with self-acceptance. She helps women unlearn the toxic messages and behaviors from lifelong dieting so they can learn a new set of skills and live a life free from obsession and self-loathing. Having a 25-year history with dieting herself, she knows personally what it means to be stuck in the diet-binge-cycle. She came to sanity a few years ago, and she says it was one of the best decisions she has ever made. I believe her. Melissa also teaches workshops and courses to help people on the path to improving their body image. We will all get some of here awesomeness in this episode!
Listen to Melissa talk about:
– Where she got the message that her body was “not good enough”
– What the moment was where she internalized the belief that she needed to change her body
– Why she got stuck in this well-known hell of weight-suppression, dieting and overexercising for so long
– What it was that made her wake up and learn to listen to her own body again
– What helped her to question her own thinking and see behind the mechanism of diet-culture and how much money is being made by making women feel “less than”
– Why it literally pays off to be hypercritical of media’s, TV’s and magazines’ messages
– Why by buying beauty/women’s magazines and diet books/products, we vote “yes” to our oppression with our own money
– Why we all need other people to help wake us up to what we have gotten so used to that we never stop to question it
– Why it is always a good idea to be suspicious of the words “body positive” or “empowered woman”, especially as it is being viciously co-opted by diet-culture these days
– What TRUE empowerment means
– What proved to be most helpful on her way out of constant dieting
– How she helps women re-connect to their true selves – How we can learn and implement the skill of self-compassion even when it sounds weird at first
– How we can start questioning our thoughts with curiosity instead of judgment
– How to decode what’s behind it when the “urge” to go on a diet comes up
– How we can stop the diet-thoughts from influencing our decisions
– How she helps her clients see where they have been mislead into “false” thinking about themselves being “not good enough”, and who profits off of that
– How much precious time in a person’s life can literally be wasted by getting stuck in diet-land, being preoccupied by weight-loss, body-negativity and obsession
– Why a person’s size never tells us anything about their health and the dangers of equating “thin” to “healthy”
– Why it is important to understand the sinister mechanism of diet-culture and how this can help us stepping out of old beliefs
– Why stepping out of diet culture is a truly radical move…

… And so much more!

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