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In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I talk to Thom Rutledge from Nashville. Thom is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, author and speaker, who has experienced both sides of the therapeutic relationship; as a clinician and as a client. He blends his personal recovery from depression, addiction and excessive self-criticism with 30 years of professional experience to guide his clients, readers, and audiences from self-judgment and perfectionism toward genuine self-compassion.

He’s the author of several books like “Embracing Fear”, “Earning Your Own Respect” and “The Greater Possibilities“, and he has co-written “Life Without ED” (ED meaning Eating Disorder) with Jenni Schaefer. Thom’s trademark sense of humor, a down-to-earth practicality, and his own compassion are the common threads than run through his unique brand of psychology. Thom will tell us:
– How contributing to a bestseller about eating disorders led to him specializing in eating disorder treatment
– How he as a recovering alcoholic (who’s been sober for 30 years) can relate to people with eating disorders and disordered eating
– Where he sees the familiarity between eating disorders and alcoholism
– Why eating disorders are often more difficult to recover from than alcohol addiction
– Why he asks his clients about their relationship to fear
– Why there often are existential fears underneath eating issues
– What his intra-personal therapy model consists of
– Why trust is such a crucial part of eating disorder therapy
– How we can separate our fear voice (inner Gremlin/inner bully) from our healthy voice (recovery voice)
– Why it is normal to often have different feelings or even opinions about things in life
– How clever our inner Gremlins are and how they trick us
– How this inner Gremlin actually manages to scare us into paralysis
– Why the inner Gremlin is a synonym for catastrophic thinking
– Why we should never expect to be able to fully rid ourselves of those inner bullies
– Why we can only learn to deal with them when we first start to listen to what it actually says
– Why it helps to ask ourselves how much of what this inner Gremlin predicts has ever really happened
– What we are really afraid of when we say “we are afraid of weight-gain”
– How he specifically works with my example
– Why rejecting and disobeying the inner Gremlin is the way to recovery
– Why in healing from bad body image and disordered eating it often gets worse before it gets better
– Why, when we have believed our inner Gremlin for decades, it often feels like shedding our old identity when we are on the way to becoming our true selves
– Why the inner Gremlin doesn’t get to use the “I” pronoun
– How to strengthen our inner, true recovery voice
– How we can become the real decision-makers in our own life
– How community and support play a pivotal role for our mental health
– Why he thinks the universe purposely designed us to be “forgetting machines”…

… And so much more!

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1 Comment on LU 027: Thom Rutledge – Confronting the “inner Gremlin voice” and learning how to disobey it.

  1. Dina
    2017-01-25 at 11:21 PM (6 years ago)

    What a treat to hear this interview with Thom! Fabulous insights and examples. Thank you!