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In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I get to talk to Marsha Hudnall from Ludlow, Vermont. Marsha is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and she really has been a voice of reason and a thought leader for the last three decades in helping women move away from restrictive notions of food and health.

Ever since 1986, Marsha has been a guiding force at Green Mountain at Fox Run, the Vermont women’s retreat that pioneered the non-diet approach to health and weight. She now serves as president and co-owner, and she is passionate about all of her work. She is an accomplished writer who has written hundreds of articles for popular magazines, and professional journals and has worked extensively to educate the public about nutrition and about the impact of dieting and the internal diet-mentality that drives our eating behaviors and obsession with weight. Marsha is also the president of the Center For Mindful Eating and a former board member of the Binge Eating Disorder Association.
Listen in as Marsha talks about:
– What it was the set the stage for her quest for thinness
– How her mother’s body image and diet-obsession influenced her
– Why her personality type is typical for a person with an eating disorder
– What perfectionism has to do with eating disorders
– Why she never talked about her bulimia to anyone
– How her bulimia has affected her health long-term
– How restriction exacerbates any food-issues and causes food-obsession
– What the diet-industry has taken from our experience of “eating”
– Why that diet-mentality-induced guilt for eating created so many problems
– Why she became a dietitian
– What the steps to her healing looked like
– Why Green Mountain At Fox Run literally changed her life
– How her husband’s mother became the pioneer in the non-diet approach
– What the non-diet approach is REALLY about
– How best to move away from body-hate
– Why having a community and supporting each other can make all the difference
– Why accepting size-diversity is the key to self-acceptance
– How she introduces the concept of Health At Every Size to women who haven’t heard of it before
– What she means when she talks about structure around eating (it’s not what you think)
– Why eating fun-foods is very much part of a “normal” eating routine
– Why sugar addiction is nothing but another misleading marketing tactic
– How we can overcome those feelings of “addiction” with food
– What kind of feelings and thoughts people are trying to cope with by obsessing over food and weight
– How she deals with difficult feelings
– What makes community the key ingredient to healing for people…

… And so much more!

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