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In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I get to talk to Julie Duffy Dillon from Greensboro, North Carolina. Julie is a food behavior expert who helps people enjoy eating again. Award winning with her progressive approach, Julie was featured in TLC’s documentary “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”. She also has an active blog, writes the weekly “Food Peace Newsletter”, but she also hosts a podcast, called “Love Food”, where she addresses people’s struggles by way of a love letter from food.

Julie has a Bachelor in Nutrition from Ohio University, and a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Carolina. As a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, she founded BirdHouse Nutrition Therapy, a group practice passionate about helping individuals and families recover from eating disorders. As a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, she also supervises other dietitians who are on the path to become eating disorder specialists as well. Listen to Julie talk about:
– What kind of messages she got about weight and body
– Why she got into nutrition and counseling
– What she learned about the treatment of people who are considered “overweight”
– How she realized that, as a nutritionists, they didn’t give those people the right treatment
– What’s wrong with the education of future nutritionists
– Why it is often those who are themselves disordered choose to study nutrition or personal training
– What she found out when she dug into weight-science and research studies
– What she found out about diets, restriction, weight-obsession and the harm of it all and the risk of developing an eating disorder
– What the Minnesota Starvation Study was about and what happens when we diet/restrict/overexercise
– Why binge-eating and overeating are rooted in restriction, be it physical and/or mental
– How our mental health is closely related to how well-fed we are
– How, after periods of restriction, binge-eating is completely normal and our body’s way to save us
– How she discovered Health at Every Size and started to question her approach and her beliefs
– How feminism and the knowledge about social justice issues helped her in developing a deeper understanding of people’s body issues
– Why body image must be addressed on the way of diet- or eating disorder recovery, in order to make sure that people don’t get stuck in disordered eating and a full recovery is possible
– What she means by “hidden faces” of eating disorders, and why they are the vast majority of eating disorders
– Why anorexics often don’t look like the clichéd “skeletal-looking” person
– How she found out how hurtful our society’s fear of fat really is
– What we must be cautious about when choosing a dietitian or nutritionist
– How she found out how exaggerated the connection between weight and health really is
– Why it can be very helpful to feel healthy anger when we find out how we have been deceived
– Why those evasive 3 percent of people for whom dieting “supposedly works” are those who are sacrificing everything just to keep that weight off, and why even those people come to sanity (and their natural weight) eventually
– How weight-suppression keeps us from living our lives fully and freely
– How we can learn to consume media’s messages with a more critical, schooled eye
– Why developing a healthy anger towards the diet- and beauty industries will help us grow strong enough to channel it into advocacy…
… And so much more!

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