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Lovely radicals, it’s show time again!

This week, it’s my honor to welcome Judith Matz to the podcast.

Judith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of experience as a therapist who helps people make peace with food, their bodies, and themselves. As someone who knows the struggle of feeling out of control around food, she now specializes in the treatment of Binge Eating Disorder and compulsive eating. Judith is the director of the “Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating”, an organization dedicated to ending the preoccupation with food and weight through educational programs and workshops. She also loves public speaking and frequently presents at local and national conferences and meetings. Judith also is the co-author of two acclaimed books for adults called: “Beyond a Shadow of a Diet” and “The Diet Survivors Handbook” as well as a book on body image for kids called “Amanda’s Big Dream”. Her work has appeared in countless media outlets, and today, here she is!
Judith tells us:
– How she remembers being in a body in her pre-teen years
– How her family related to food and body
– Why her body image plummeted in high school
– How she learned that girls “bonded” through body-hatred and diet-talk
– What she experienced in the years she was restricting in order to “fix her body”
– What made her realize that it was restriction that messed with her once-normal relationship with food
– How the false promise of diets keeps people trapped in the same cycle
– What we are avoiding by making everything about our body’s size and its weight
– How to approach the journey towards self-acceptance and body acceptance
– Why this healing work is so worth it
– How she helps the many, many health professionals, nutritionists and personal trainers who are struggling themselves and unwillingly pass on their biases
– How the diet-binge cycle works and why it takes courage to break free from it and actually empower ourselves
– How you can tell if someone is dieting (no matter what they might call it to make it sound like they are not)
– Why there is often so much resistance when we tell them that diets are harmful
– How to find out what to do instead of dieting
– What she teaches parents about how to address body, food and weight
– What the research on the bodies of identical twins says in relation to diets
– Why you simply can not tell a person’s health by looking at their body
– How to re-learn eating after a lifetime of dieting and restricting
– How to switch to a kinder way of talking to ourselves…
– Why self-compassion and patience are pivotal in healing our body image and how we relate to food and weight…

… And so much more!

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