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Hey there, lovely radicals… podcast ahead!

In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I am talking to Carolyn Costin from Malibu, California.

Carolyn is a world-renowned clinician, author and speaker acclaimed for her expertise, passion and accomplishments in the field of eating disorders. She is a certified Eating Disorder Specialist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. After having recovered from anorexia in her early 20s, Carolyn became a psychotherapist, and it was her successful treatment of those with eating disorders that led her to bring her philosophy to the public through her speaking and her books. In 1996, Carolyn created “Monte Nido”, the first licensed, residential eating disorder treatment facility in a home setting that has since spurred into 14 facilities nationwide offering a continuum of care. Carolyn’s career is dedicated to lecturing, training, teaching and supervising clinicians, dietitians and physicians. Having left “Monde Nido” last year, she remains active in the eating disorder field and she is involved in several professional organizations including the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals as a board trustee and the Academy of Eating Disorders as a fellow. Her advocacy work continues in many arenas including organizations such as Project Heal, Eating Disorder Hope and the Eating Disorder Coalition. At the start of this year, 2017, Carolyn has opened “The Carolyn Costin Institute”, which offers Eating Disorder Coach Training, a mentor program, continuing education for clinicians as well as other specialized training. Carolyn talks about:
– How long the carefree, joyful feeling of “being in a body” as a child lasted for her
– How our habits of comparison and our ideas of “status” are detrimental to body image
– What the “Fiji-study” is all about, and what TV/advertisement can do to women
– What body-bullying does to kids
– What triggered her eating disorder
– Why she doesn’t support the idea that eating issues are “a genetic thing”
– How people with anxiety can calm their anxious thoughts
– Why it is so important to become aware of the fact that we are NOT our thoughts, but we can observe them, and let them pass without grabbing on to their message
– Why spiritual bypassing is not solving anything, yet so many people try to do just that; avoid difficult emotions by trying to meditate them away instead of facing them in a calm state
– What there is still to be fixed in our cultural way of relating to weight and bodies
– Why eating disorder treatments that still have a weight-centric approach often backfire and make a full, lasting recovery impossible
– Why it is so important for all of us to just detach from the number on the scale
– Why it is critically important that everyone working with people with disordered eating resolve their own body- and weight issues first
– How she trains therapists and coaches to become good eating disorder therapists
– What it actually is that makes a good eating disorder therapist/coach/mentor/dietitian
– How she defines „recovery“
– Why people with undiagnosed eating issues can often be the ones that are the sickest
– The danger of today’s obsession with “clean” eating, detoxes, the idea of having to earn or burn food, and all the food advice out there
– Why she thinks people still go on diets even if it is a well-established facts that diets don’t work
– The horrible consequences of fat-shaming people
– How the weight-loss industry (together with the advertisement “geniuses”) manage to suck so many people in, again and again
– The risk factors of developing an eating disorder
– Why eating disorders still often don’t get addressed at schools, even though the numbers are rampant
– Why she made it her mission to train recovered people to become eating disorder coaches
– Why a feeling of secure attachment is critical to overcome any issues we might have developed to protect ourselves or to cope with difficult feelings…

… And so much more!

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