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Hey there, lovely radicals… podcast time!

This week on the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I’m telling you about the shame we feel to be stuck in patterns of disordered eating, disordered exercise and our fears to break out of those patterns.
It’s not a coincidence that I should be talking about this in this week’s episode; it’s the humbling experience of the persistence of my own struggles and my own seeming inability to change certain behaviors for good.
It’s the painful realization that, for most of us – certainly for me – recovery isn’t something “we just waltz through”, even if we have all the expert’s advice in our heads.

Also, I’m in the mood for a little metaphor, inspired by my internal challenge. A little story about:
– How we get tempted by the diet-siren’s call
– How our disordered eating thoughts convince us that recovery is too hard
– How we get sucked into diet-cultures images, messages and false promises
– How we often lose faith in ourselves and our strength
– How we doubt ever finding that long-lost trust in our body’s wisdom again
– How we forget that we are FREE to leave the miserable island of diets, disordered eating, overexercising and eating disorders, the island that was once sold to us as the “happy, skinny, self-confidence island”, the place we believed we would find what we were yearning for
– Why we often forget how much we really do sacrifice when we’re stuck on this island that only causes us misery, despair and obsession, just to keep suppressing our body’s natural weight
– How we forget that our bodies are our friends, not projects to be fixed
– Why we end up putting up with increasingly unacceptable conditions and more and more rules
– How we’re influenced by the people surrounding us who have bought into the same set of body-lies and
– Why we often don’t leave, or why we return to this miserable place.

Love, always.

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