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Hey, lovely radicals… podcast time!

In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I talk to Dr. Steve Prentice from Columbus, Ohio.

Steve, as a practicing chiropractor and health contrarian since 1996, has spent his career questioning the status quo and the accepted norms when it comes to health and wellbeing. His experience working with thousands of patients over the past 20 years led him to create what he termed quote “the stress-centered approach to health” and he now leads his patients through the process of restoring their health and quality of life while rejecting many of the restrictive and obsessive health recommendations that are promising quick results and lead so many people into feeling of increased trapped-ness and misery. His brand-new book called “Wrecked” has just come out, and rarely before has a small book made me sigh with relief like his. Steve will tell us:
– When he started to feel self-conscious about his body
– Why it was in his chiropractor education that he basically stopped trusting his own body and started dieting
– What he thought when he started regaining the weight, and what that set off
– How many disordered eaters make up sensitivities that they don’t really have and end up believing their own fear-narrative
– Why, when we hold on to a certain food fear (carbs, fat, gluten…) in our minds, we start brainwashing ourselves into believing that any negative reactions are caused by that particular food and we go look for confirmation for this
– Why eliminating foods from our diets (for no other reason than believing the latest diet fad) most often leads to more obsession, and subsequently, more eliminations, and more health problems
– Why restricting, overexercising, obsessing, compulsive behaviors around food and movement and fear of food are actual stressors for the body and therefore, in themselves, harm our health
– Why he recommends never to slap any labels on ourselves when it comes to eating and exercising
– The social, mental and physical dangers of food tribes and their moral pressure and group identity
– How diet culture, food tribes and eating/exercise rules make us forget that we really are free people with individual needs and bodies
– How much pressure he built up around his own “quest for the better body”
– How he found out the hard way that diets and restriction never work long term
– How rules set us up for obsession, especially around food, weight and exercise
– His guilt about having lectured people about weight-loss and dieting
– What today’s culture of “Go! Go! Go!”, social media, comparison, and unrealistic imagery does to people’s mental and physical health
– Why people get sucked into being health-nuts and actually risking their health in the name of “hardcore health”
– Why he recommends to just “take the pressure out” and stop believing that you need to be “fixed”
– When he came to the realization that he, too, was barking up the wrong tree and something had to give
– How we can all live the life that is being promised to us “once we’re thin/toned/better looking” RIGHT NOW, with the body that we have
– Why some soul searching is necessary to find out about our true values in life
– How his own diet-recovery looked like
– Why letting go of rules will automatically lead to a decrease in food-obsession and compulsive thinking
– Why, after diet-recovery, our bodies will find the weight they are happy and healthy at
– Why living at war with your body is just no way to live, and not the way to happiness
– How true self-acceptance is never related to size/shape/weight…
… And so much more!

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