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Lovely radicals, it’s podcast time!

In today’s episode of the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, I get to talk to Dana Sturtevant from Portland, Oregon.

Dana is a trainer, mentor, Kripalu Yoga teacher, and Registered Dietitian specializing in Health at Every Size (HAES) and Intuitive Eating. She is the co-founder of “Be Nourished”, a revolutionary business helping people heal body dissatisfaction and reclaim body trust. In her work, Dana loves to incorporate mindfulness and self-compassion practices, and she is specialized in Motivational Interviewing techniques. She has facilitated more than 300 workshops throughout the United States for health care providers looking to enhance their skills in behavior-change counseling, and her work has been published in various media outlets. You’ll hear Dana talk about:
– How lucky she was to be able to grow up in a household where there were no diets, body shaming or any sort of hyper-focus on “healthy eating”
– When and why she became self-conscious about her shape and size
– Why she went into the field of nutrition
– What she found out about her younger self from reading her own letters to her late grandmother
– What she experienced in her previous work as a “weight management” dietitian
– Why that work started to feel deeply unethical for her
– Why living a free, flexible life and weight-suppression don’t go together
– How our inner “trance of unworthiness” drives us to keep abandoning ourselves
– Why no amount of weight-loss will improve how you feel about yourself, and why feeling worthy and confident really is an inside job unrelated to weight
– The importance of recognizing the difference between “fitting in” and feeling a sense of “belonging”
– How her and Hilary’s clients often react when they first hear their message
– Why it is so hard to claim something (that we KNOW is true) for ourselves
– Why this current “health-ism” (hyper-focus on “having to be healthy, or else it’s our own fault”) is really about money
– Why so many people, including health-care providers, are in denial about “prescribing diets”
– Why we are often tricked into believing “well, this is not a diet, this is only a lifestyle change”
– What happens when one coping mechanisms is being forcefully removed without working on the underlying issue
– Why compulsive exercise always points to a complicated relationship with food/weight
– Why it’s totally ok that not all people are athletes
– Why today’s “gym-culture” is ruining a healthy relationship to movement for most people
– Why nobody can tell you what your body needs, and why there IS no black or white strategy that works
– Why it is always wise to be suspicious of people who claim to “have found the true way to health/fitness/weight-loss”, especially when they are trying to sell said truth
– Why it takes some time (and effort) to heal the “dieting mind”
– Why the healing process really only works when we put concerns about weight on the back burner
– Why most people have to hit “diet bottom” to kick-start the healing process
– What needs to be grieved when we find the courage to step into our fears and work towards freedom
– Why diet-talk is basically nothing else but women keeping up their own oppression
– Why the fear of a particular food is worse for your body than the actual food
– Why the moralization of food is particularly dangerous for people
– Why “going Paleo” and “going gluten-free” (except for the 1% of the population who actually has celiac disease) and “going vegan” are fads, too
– How absurd the whole “nutritionism” in the world looks when we zoom out for a minute to really look at all the contradicting advice out there
– What real success looks like for clients of “Be Nourished”
– Why rules are the problem, and not – as we might think – the solution
– How “full permission to eat” looks like and why it is the solution to stop the diet-binge-cycle
– Why it is important to process and release the anger that we have directed inwards for so long
– Why it is important to realize that it is not your fault that you have a complicated relationship to food (Dana’s dog agrees strongly here)
– How “Be Nourished” helps private clients as well as health care providers get rid of weight-bias…
… And so much more!

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